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How do you correct your credit with the bureaus if they won't talk to you?

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I have a mistaken bankruptcy on my credit reports and I'm having trouble having it removed. Is there an attorney that can help with credit corrections?

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Seek a consumer rights lawyer, you might have a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violation.

Also, challenges to inaccuracies in credit reports are not verbal, they just be in writing.


You need a consumer attorney. You can dispute this. If they do not remove after the dispute you will be able to sue them

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I agree with my colleagues. A bit more information that may help you... here is a link on how you can dispute a credit report error:;jsessionid=00F4D95B0776C14ADD0226D505D83D0E

Keep copies of EVERYTHING and send in accordance with the instructions found on the link.

As my colleague aptly suggests, if you dispute and they don't remove the false information, contact a seasoned consumer advocate. Here is a website for the National Association of Consumer Advocates, which has an attorney search feature that may benefit you. Approximately one in four credit reports is estimated to have a serious error, such as yours. You have legal rights and the credit bureaus failure to comply with the law and report accurately about you can give rise to civil damages. More good news -- most advocates will assist you on a contingency/fee-shifting basis so help is a phone call away.

All the best to you!

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