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How do you change or add a relative as legal guardian in North Carolina?

Chapel Hill, NC |

If both parents of a child (recently 18 though) consent and wishes to add guardianship of a relative (uncle) to oversee the education of the child abroad (in NC) what is the most convenient method?

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Probably by a consent custody order. Guardianship is a different situation and usually applies in different circumstances. Consult with a local family law attorney about the decision to send the child, the correct procedure and the language you want in the order. An agreement is usually not sufficient for education or medical decisions to be made by the caregiver

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If the child is over 18, i don't understand why she would need a guardianship?


Unless the child has been found to be incompetent, she/he became an adult at the age of 18. I am curious to learn what is trying to be accomplished; emergency matters, residency?