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How do you appeal an ex parte order?

San Fernando, CA |

i the mother have been residing in ca for over 2 yeas before i tried to go and pick up belongings and get some help from my ex the child father in Florida. this was suppose to be temporary and no more than 2 month. today i lost my move away request and the ex parte was granted in my ex favor to where my child can no longer come back to ca. in thus my attorney basically asked no questions and when i told him to ask questions to me so i could rebuttal he did not. he basically sat there and did nothing at all. he never asked one question i asked and would not listen to me at all. i wish to appeal the ruling with another attorney but how do i do that?

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It seems that the court order was issued in Florida. If that is the case, you will need advice about Florida law, not California law.
If I am incorrect about the venue of the court, perhaps you can repost to clarify where the parties currently reside. Is the father currently in Florida? And where is the child today?

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You need to go to the yellow pages or the state bar association and find an attorney that does family law. Bring the pleadings to the attorney and see if they will help you with either a motion to reconsider or an appeal. Your question is not very clear on this forum as you claim it was an ex parte order, but that both you and your lawyer were at the hearing. Something is not right. Only a review of the pleadings and possibly a transcript of the record will allow an attorney to know if he or she can help you.



it was origanaly an ex parrte... than it turned into a resoulution ... im not quit sure i had to fire my attorney due to lack of information. i did file for a reconsideration of judgement. at the time this was all filed myself and my child were california residence. this is a california case and i am trying to keep it that way due to florida laws being harder to take a child out of state. my childs fathe my daughter and myself are all currently in the state of florida. this is a complex case that i am now even lost in.i am sorry things werent asked more clearly but i am unsure of exact details for lack of my attorneys part.