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How do you amend a divorce decree w/o hiring an attorney?

Kennewick, WA |

My fiance's children are now 18 and 20. When he was divorced in OR 16 years ago, the law was to pay the same amount for child support until they were both 18. The 18 yo is going to college so he needs to pay child support until she is 21. How does he modify the divorce decree to amend the amount of child support so it's only for the one child? He has tried to go through legal aid but they seem to be backed up so he hasn't gotten much help. His salary has been significantly less the last few years from when he was divorced so the amount should also be based on his current salary. Can he get the proper paperwork through the court system and file the paperwork through the courts? Does the paperwork need to be filed through the county in OR or can it be done in WA where he lives?

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If legal aid did not work out you could go to a public law library and teach yourself the law and procedures you need to follow to amend his divorce decree. From the question you posed, I would recommend that you seek out an attorney to assist you with your matter. Interstate child support matters are usually difficult to get sorted out.