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How do we get perjury filed against someone in child custody case?

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Our case was held in Oklahoma. During pretrial discovery and while under oath on the stand, the other party lied about being involved in a pornography website. Finally, after being questioned about this fact several times she admitted on the stand, while under oath, to being involved in pornography, How do we get perjury charges filed against her? In her discovery, she accused me and my son of setting her up and putting her on this website. Can we do anything?

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Perjury is a criminal matter. Crimes are charged by the prosecutor for the jurisdiction, sometimes called the district attorney. The prosecutor has great discretion about what to charge and pursue as it requires a commitment of the resources of his office which are always limited; much depends on the difficulty of proof. As a practical matter perjuries of the type you describe rarely get the attention and resources of the prosecutor. On the other hand, what you have described might figure heavily in the civil custody determination. That is where your energies are best directed.

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You should get a copy of the transcript and forward it to the Criminal District Attorney's Office. Unfortunately, I doubt they will prosecute.

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