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How do we fight this domestic violence charge?

Kennesaw, GA |

Last August my husband, and I got into an argument. I had been drinking, falling a lot, acting violent. My husband was trying to keep me calm, but a neighbor must have heard us and called the police. When the police came to the door I yelled in a drunken rage "HELP!" When they came in, I tried to explain that I was the only one doing the hitting and fighting, My bruises came from me falling. We both got arrested because of course after they saw all the bruises on both of us, and me screaming "Help" they were not going to believe he didn't hurt me. We had court a few days ago for his arraignment. I talked to an investigator, but I feel he is treating me like a brain washed abuse victim. We are having no luck in his case. Everyone is treating him like he is a monster!!!

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Both of you all need to retain an attorney.

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Yes, all women who want to tell the truth later are brainwashed and all men who are arrested are guilty. Welcome to the criminal justice system. You both need lawyers.

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