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How do we collect back rent from dec 3, 2010 for each week after that till present week sept 21, 2012 in he amount of $100.00 wk

Pittsburgh, PA |

There was an oral agreement between the gentleman myself and my husband for a room rental of a $100.00 a week on March 07, 2010 till he got a steady job and got back on his feet. as of today he has paid us $3,800.00 and still needs to pay us $9,500.00. I have documentation on my computer as to when he paid and how much he paid. We need help!!!

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You can bring a landlord-tenant complaint with the Magisterial District Judge. Although you have an oral lease, you have records of payment, which should be sufficient to prove your case. I would be willing to handle this for you if you wish.

Clifford L Tuttle, Jr.
Attorney at Law

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It's difficult to prove an oral contract. However, keeping records is a good thing. You need to file suit in county court and should consider getting an attorney to assist you.

Jack Puskar
Pittsburgh Attorney