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How do u file a complaint against a sherriff

Grand Junction, CO |

i can prove a sheriff lied on her report

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You can file an administrative complaint with the actual Sheriff of Mesa County against one of the deputies. However, that is about it. If you tried to report it as false reporting to the DA, they would likely not do anything about it as far as charging the deputy. This is more of an internal, administrative manner.

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the only reason the sheriff is doing this is because in 05 i was charged with impersonanting a peace officer and the case was dismissed. but when the sheriff office runs my name it pops up and they automatically treat me like im am nothing. i have been trying to file a law suit for everything i lost in 05 but have no way of knowing where to start and I dont have anyone who knows what to do to help me. im so upset that it is affecting my health. ie. the stress from everything has caused me to throw up everything i eat for the past 3 weeks