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How do Request Pymnt (Medical Bills, Car Rental, Presc. etc.)Demand my auto MED. Plan & Health Ins PAID & now told HE HAS INS?

Glendale, AZ |

4/23/12 I was hit by a Drunk Driver. I had been STOPPED COMPLETE @ a RED Light heading E. Light changed, I looked L (N on 27th AVE) then looked R (S on 27th Ave) NO VEHICLES IN SIGHT (no headlights & time was 2:00 am. I began to move my R foot from Break to Accelerator. I began to accelerate. My B/F (Passenger) reached his arms accross my stomach, Screamed 'BABY!!!'. I saw a Bright White Light coming at me, heard crash, unconscience a few minutes. He 'APPEARED to be WB & making L turn in front of me". His SUV Hit My Driver Front, slid across my front, went airborne, flipped over, slid 143 ft on hood then stopped. Beer cans flew out of his SUV. He was cited for NO Ins so MY INS. "Medical Plan PAID". Now find HE WAS INS. How do I ask for REIMB. for what Ins.,& my Medicare & Tricare Paid?

the driver who hit me was cited under AZ Statutes for Failure to Provide Proof of Financial Liability (No Ins.); Extreme DUI w/BAC 0.156, DUI, & DUI TO MINIMUM w/BAC (2nd) 0.08 hrs later. His 1st Court Date June 18, 2012 & continued ea month w/Sept 18, 2012 NEXT. Also, my Printout shows date/med./dose/MD etc. with RETAIL $, Tricare ALLOWED, What I PAID & what Tricare PAID. I was told to submit the RETAIL COST as if I "HAD NO INS,". IS THIS TRUE IN AZ?

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The best thing to do his hire a personal injury attorney. The attorney should sort all of this out for you.

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You have a good handle on your insurance claims case. Most people don't have any idea what you are talking about. However, you may start to be getting a bit over your head. Ensuring you get every dollar you deserve and not allowing both insurance companies to take advantage of you usually requires the experience of a professional injury attorney. Insurance laws vary from state to state, so I suggest you find a good injury attorney in your town and ask for a free consultation to discuss your options. You will be glad you did, as making one wrong turn without an attorney could cost you thousands of dollars, for no reason.

licensed attorney in Montana. Your specific state laws may be different.


First, Mr. Weinstein is correct. Retain local counsel to assist you in the personal injury claim. I strongly suggest that you retain counsel familiar with restitution in the criminal justice system.
You will want to cooperate with the DA handling the case. By that I mean if asked to appear, do so. If asked to provide some informatiion, do so. I DO NOT mean regular telephone calls to check on the status of the proceedings, that is interference, not cooperation, and can have a negative impact on the DA. [We are all human].

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I'm sorry to hear you were involved in this accident. The issues you've raised are somewhat complicated and will require the assistance of a competent Arizona attorney to help you through the process. There are a number of facts that still need to be discussed, so I would recommend you arrange for a consultation with Arizona counsel.

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I strongly suggest you contact a personal injury lawyer if you have not yet done so. I offer free consultations.

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