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How do remove my name from a corporation;?

Thousand Oaks, CA |

The corporation will continue to run as usual, just without me. I want to disassociate myself from it. It is a bar/restaurant with an ABC license. What paperwork do I need & who do I file with?

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It's not clear what your relationship to the corporation is.

An officer or director typically resigns by providing notice of resignation to the board of directors.

Shareholders cannot withdraw from their role as shareholders, but a shareholder may have a right to be bought out if there is a shareholder agreement, or may be able to negotiate being bought out if there is no agreement.

An agent for service of process may resign by using the form at the first link below.

An at-will employee can resign upon notice to the employer. If there is an employment agreement, it should specify when and under which circumstances the employee may resign.

If your name is part of the name of the corporation, then the corporation needs to file a certificate of amendment to change its name - please see the second link below.

If there are fictitious business names, business licenses, etc., you would need to see which have your name on them and would need to arrange for applicable amendments or replacements to be filed without your name.

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