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How do out of state speeding tickets affect my license and insurance?

Pittsburgh, PA |

I was recently driving home from Toronto and got pulled over in New York for speeding. I have heard that out of state speeding ticket points do not transfer to an out of state license. Since I am a resident of Pennsylvania, can I just pay the ticket and not have to worry about getting points on my license and therefore have my insurance rates go up?

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It depends. Many adjacent states have reciprocity agreements where they share this info. For instance WI and IL, and if you get a ticket in one, the other will find out. If it is a distant jurisdiction, then they probably don't have such an agreement, for minor issues, (things like DUI are going to get shared). Call your state DMV and simply ask what state's they share info with and what state's points count against your license. You don't have to give your name, and even if you did, that question is no admission of guilt. Your insurance is more complicated. DIfferent companies have different databases. I would ask your agent, (the one benefit of the traditional insurance agent vs. buying over the internet). In my experience, they are basically on your side and will give you whatever useful information they can. However, I would pose the question as a hypothetical, ("If I were to get a ticket in New York. . . ."), to avoid putting the agent in a position where he has a duty to report info. back to the insurance company.

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