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My juvenile record was sealed from the public to see on the repository for 13 years now within the last week my record is public for all to see with no notice, and I am in jeopardy of losing my job and accused of lying on my college application. I called and question the juvenile court about this and the response that I received was that 13 years ago they made a mistake of sealing it in 2001 when it wasn't suppose to be sealed and they just now realized it and corrected their error. Is there anything I can do about this to get that information sealed again to prevent my job loss and other consequence because of this error on the court system end.

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Many juvenile records are not sealed based on the type of offense and the age of the defendant. It is unfortunate that the court decided to fix their mistake at this time. Maybe a lawyer could motion the court to ask that the records be re-sealed or find out why they cannot; if that is the case.


You will need to retain an experienced attorney to get your juvenile records sealed. Generally juvenile records are not sealed unless there is a motion to do so. Good luck

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I suggest you go to the clerk's office and request a copy of the file. They will probably charge you a small fee. Then you need to schedule a consultation with a lawyer, preferably one in the same county. Take the file with you. You want a lawyer who is experienced in juvenile law and in post-conviction relief. Ask the lawyer how he or she thinks they might be able to help you. Then, if you are comfortable with the lawyer and his/her suggested course of action, hire the lawyer. Good luck.

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