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How do I write a written response to a divorce summons?

Sylva, NC |

I just received my summons for divorce. I agree to everything in the summons and I would like to file a written response to it. How do I write the response? Are there any free forms that I can use to make it easier? And does my written response have to be in a certain format?

My husband lives in North Carolina and I have moved to Texas. I am disabled and on a limited income.

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Attorney answers 1


First of all, you do not need to respond to a divorce summons. You do have the right to file an answer or response to the divorce complaint. If you agree with everything in the complaint, you can simply wait for 30 days past service. It is likely that the relief requested in the complaint will then be granted by the court and you will be sent your divorce judgment. If you send an answer that disputes the complaint, a trial will be scheduled and you will need to come to court.