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How do I write a response to the court clerk on a civil summons when I dont know what they want me to write a response to?

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My mother is the owner of a small company that she purchased from another person. She signed all of the contracts with this other previous owner. The pevious owner tried to do a hostile take over and my mother stopped all payments for the company to the previous owner and placed the compay and herself under bankruptcy to protect them from previous owners attempts at a take over. Now I was just served a summons to respond to the court as the regestered responsible agent of the company. It was attatched to a copy of the original contrat of the purchase of the company in which I have never seen before nor was I an employee when this contract was signed. I am meerly an employee. My quetion is this how do I write a response to the court clerk when I dont know what they want me to write a response to? I have tried to ask my mothers attorney but they advised me that they did not represent me they only represent my mother and they couldnt give me any leagl advice.

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You cannot possibly know what to write, and no one on a web site on the Internet can tell you what to write. Attorneys go to law school for years to get the most basic clue about these subjects, and then spend many years shaprmening their skills.

The court clerk is not an attorney, and does not care what you write. However, what gets filed as your response could be crucial to the outcome of the case.

You need an attorney. If your mother's attorney feels he has a conflict of interest, you should discuss with your mother the fact that the company should hire counsel for you, since otherwise, if you try to do this yourself, you cannot possibly do it right and it might cause harm to your mother and to the company.