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How do I write a letter to court withdrawing a child custody motion? Who do I address the letter to?

Dover, NJ |

I have to fax a letter to court saying why I want to withdraw my child custody petition. Should I address the letter to the judge, the probation officer who filed the case or can I just write To Whom It May Concern?

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Address the letter to the Judge and send a copy to Family Case Management, Probation, and the adverse party/attorney. If you don't know which Judge has your matter, call case management and they can help direct you.

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Agreed 100% with Kim's answer. Only write to add a link to the judges' chambers: . You'd address the letter to your judge at the address listed for your county. The salutation is: "Hon. John Doe, JSC" unless your judge is listed as the Presiding Judge, in which case it's "Hon. John Doe, PJFP." Sign the letter "Respectfully." Cc the family division manager ( ) and your adversary (other party or his/her attorney).

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I agree with the response provided by Kimberly Pelkey Sdeo, Esq. However, I would caution you that if the other party filed a Cross-Motion or application in opposition to your application you may be opening the door for the other party to secure any and all relief he/she may have been seeking if you simplly withdraw you papers. Accordingly, you may be better off going to court on the next scheduled hearing/trial/conference date and assuring that "all" the litigation is withdrawn as you expect.

The Answer provided was based on the limited information provided, and represents information based on the law in general, not a legal opinion that can be relied upon. Before a formal legal opinion can be offered I would need an opportunity to review all possible relevant facts and circumstances. You cannot rely on the advice of an attorney given over the internet. The exact facts of your sitaution, including facts which you have not mentioned in your question, may completely change the opinion that is being offered. Please be aware that the above comments are neither protected by attorney-client privilege, nor may the same be the basis for a malpractice lawsuit.

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