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How do i write a letter to a judge to lower fee if i have proof of insurance?

San Fernando, CA |

i went to court for a speeding ticket and when the judge asked me if i had insurance at the time i said yes he asked for proof but the vehicle was under my dads name and since i got the ticket my dad sold the car. i was unaware i had to take proof of insurance since it was for a speeding ticket and showed insurance to the police officer. So my fine stayed at $1,200 plus community service and traffic school. I got a copy of the insurance and want to see how i can write a letter to show the judge i did have insurance and lower my fee. I just had a baby and cant afford to pay all the money and do 150 hours of community service. help please

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File a request for reconsideration with a copy of the proof. May not work, but can't hurt.

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Go to court and show your proof of insurance, to the same court that you went before and ask them to pull out your file or they will give you a new date to go back.


You can file a motion for reconsideration and include proof that you had insurance on the day of the violation, but please understand that the San Francisco traffic court is extremely overworked and may not be responsive to your request. If you were in department A, the letter should be addressed to Judge Albers, if you were in B then Judge Dekreon. As a tip, if you do the community service via project 20 on the weekends, you will get double credit for your hours.

Michael J Silveira

Michael J Silveira


My apologies, I read your location as "San Francisco" instead of "San Fernando". I would still suggest attempting to put yourself back on the court calendar, or writing a letter with the proof of insurance.

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