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How do I word my three day notice? Or what grounds do I have to evict her?

Cleveland, OH |

Tenant has changed locks on doors. Has not given me a key after numerous request. Has moved others in without permission. Accused me and other tenants in the house of conspiring together,and breaking in her house. Is accusing other tenants of watching her and following her. I asked her to move and she said that I am going to have to put her out.

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See the attached link.


Many courts will have a form section on their website. I would check the court which would have jurisdiction in this matter to see if they have a sample form to fill out to use. I would also recommend getting an attorney to do eviction matters. Ohio landlord tenant law can be very harsh to landlords if it is not followed exactly. A simple mistake, even in the notice to vacate, can result in the tenant being able to bring suit for damages, or extending the lease, which you clearly do not want.

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i agree with my colleague - you need to consult an attorney experience in evictions
you did not mention non-payment of rent, which is the primary reason for a three day notice


Sounds like you need a property management company to handle your tenants (usually for 10% of the rent) and a real estate attorney to handle your evictions and collection on past due rent (usually around $400 per eviction). Call our office at 216-241-2510 and I can give you some choices based on where your property is.


You need to start with your local Court and also check with landlord agencies in the community for standard language. However, the specified requirements are statutory and I would recommend seeking the advice of a local Attorney in your matter.

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