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How do I withdraw sponsorship of step children?

Charlotte, NC |

There are four children. Ages 21, 18,17, and 13 yrs. The 21 and 18 yrs old are rebellious and say they can do as they please. They refuse to return to their home country. Their father and I are temporarily seperated due to their behavior. What can I do? My retired Mother is co sponsor.

We have been married for seven years. The 21 yr.old and 17 yr.old have been in the U.S. for 3 years. The 18 yr old and 13 yr.old had came at the same time but returned to El Salvador for a year and their Father brought them back against my wishes due to their rebellious behavior. This is why we are separated. Their Father thought the girls would change and they have not. The girls 21 and 18 yrs state that they do not have to listen to anyone or do what anyone says since they are 18yrs old. I have no control of them nor does their bio-father. Is there anything I could do legally to have them deported?

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What is the immigration status of your step-children? If they are green card holders, it is too late for you to "withdraw sponsorship" of them.

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I'm sorry to hear about your separation. I agree with Mr. Shusterman. If they are greencard holders, it is too late to withdraw a petition and your mother can be held liable for any public assistance they ever obtain (re-read Form I-864 contractual obligations), albeit unlikely. If they are in the process of applying for adjustment of status, the petitioner can withdraw/revoke the petition, and the co-sponsor presumably can withdraw their signed form I-864. I hope this helps.