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How do I turn over custody of my obnoxious kids to the State?

Las Vegas, NV |

My three kids, ages 13, 15, and 17, are obnoxious, and I want to give custody of them over to the State. What is the procedure to do so?

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You should probably start with a family therapist before initiating any legal proceedings to terminate your parental and custodial rights. Thank you and I wish you the best of luck!


You cannot simply extinguish your obligation. If the state takes them, you will still be responsible for payment of support and such. I'm hoping this is a joke, because most of the people on here and fighting tooth and nail trying to keep their children.


You created these children, and it is presumed you raised them. If they are obnoxious, you need to look into the mirror and figure out why and then do something about it rather than think you can hand them over to the government to become someone else's problem -- or just let them become obnoxious adults. Give them consequences for their poor behavior/attitude. Take away cell phones, vehicles, computers, internet, privileges, etc. Don't buy them anything extra, except to reward good behavior. Stock the house with health food and don't buy them any junk except as a treat for good behavior (that includes cutting out soda!). Seek resources for assistance, starting with the school counselor and social services. You cannot legally escape your parental responsibilities. If you neglect, abuse, or abandon the children you can be charged criminally. Social services will only take them if you are deemed unfit, and that will haunt you forever, nevermind the damage you would be doing to your future relationship with them. Plus, as my colleague has answered, you would still be financially responsible for them even if social services agreed to take them. If they are super bad, get the police and juvenile system involved. Get control of the situation, be a parent, and make every effort to get your kids back on track.

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I would have written something quite similar to Ms. Whitbeck, so I will just say - ditto!


Call Nevada's Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child and Family Services: (702) 455 5444. Tell them you are having trouble coping with caring for your children. That agency will transfer your call to a caseworker who will assist you. If the caseworker were to determine - after a thorough investigation - that the best interests of your children would by served by your voluntarily relinquishing your parental rights, then the caseworker will help you accomplish that. If the caseworker were to determine that another course of action would be in the best interests of your children, then the caseworker would guide you in that direction.

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