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How do I take up FTE inspite of non compete agreement with current employer?

Dallas, TX |

I work for a consulting company and have a non compete agreement which states that I agree not to take up employment from any entity that I work at while I am with my current employer and upto 2 years after that. Can client hire me with their sister company? No where is it mentioned that I cant take up full time with my client's sister or partner companies in the agreement. Please advice if my employer can sue me if I get hired by client's partners. Note: both companies are different. Thanks!!

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They can sue you. The liklihood of the suit being a success depends on how the non-competition agreement is written. The Supreme Court of the state of Texas has recently made changes which make non-competition agreements much more enforceable. I would very much recommend that you hire a lawyer to review the agreement, and the facts, and advise you of your rights and obligations. A small amount of money spent now could really save a bunch being spent later. I hope you found this response helpful! If so, please take a second and click the “helpful” button below. If you were really impressed, you could even click the “best answer” button! Thank you and best of luck.

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