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How do I take my former attorney to court over an attorney lien on my property?

Wichita, KS |

My attorney and I disagree over the amount I owe. The dispute did go to the bar association but we did not reach an agreement. I would like a judge to hear my case. I want to know 1) How and 2) what do I file? Do I need to file more than once - once for the unpaid bill and once for the lien? Can I file for them together? I want to present my side to a judge without hiring an attorney that would possibly negate the amount in dispute.

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Depending upon the amount involved, the jurisdiction may lie in Small Claims Court. That would be the right place for you to bring it unless there is too much involved. It is geared more to lay people and I think the court would be able to contain it all within 1 claim. Generally, the clerk's office for small claims court is quite helpful. You might want to try contacting them and see what they say.

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