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How do I take care of outstanding warrants in texas

Houston, TX |

Tickets or traffic in another city?

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The best way is to retain a lawyer who handles ticket cases in the city where the tickets are and have them handle the matter.

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Post Bond. Use a bondsman (not an atty who also writes bonds!) Then hire an attorney to be your attorney, not somebody who is worried about whether he or she might wind up coming out of their pocket - whether they are aware of it or not, should you fail to appear (on time) again. That is FIGHT THE TICKETS, once you have posted bonds.

OR . . .
I guess you could do me a big personal favor: just pay them, thereby probably killing your license, then driving anyway and getting DWLS/I cases (driving with license suspended/ or invalid).

I need the money. You'll be looking at jail time eventually and will be desperately needing an occupational license and competent criminal defense. I happily provide both those services for reasonable ADDITIONAL fees. See what I mean? Really, really bad way to go.

FIGHT THE CHARGES, INSTEAD, once you've gotten a bondsman to post bonds for you.

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