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How do i sue someone so i can get my money back from ordering a product that was never delivered?

Clyde, OH |

I paid a woman for discounted laundry soap as did several others in and around my area. the woman never turned in our orders, she kept the money, told us someone unknown picked up the money and now we dont get either product or our money back.

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I have got to believe this would be a small claims action. Whether it is worth it to you depends on the costs, the time involved, and the ability to collect, if you win a judgment. On the limited facts provided, it would appear that you have a solid case. But if you win the case and cannot collect, then you would not only lose your initial investment, but also the court costs involved with the small claims case.

James Frederick

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It is unclear whether the person selling the soap was legitimate. Recently there was a story about a black market trade in TIDE detergent. This just does not smell right you may want to go to the police about this matter.
If you wish to go to court bear in mind you may not win if you have unclean hands. If there is no concern then this most likely is small claims action which you can handle on your own

I am only admitted to the MI bar therefore this is only general advice it is highly recommended to contact an attorney in your area for definitive guidance. Any advice given does not create an attorney-client relationship.

James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick


Of course, she has unclean hands...they never sent her the soap! ;-)

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