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How do i sue police department for illegal search and racial profiling

Willow Springs, IL |

I was pulled over while on my way to court to pay a fine, i backed out of a driveway and was pulled over and was found to be driving while liscense suspended. I was then arrested and while at the police station my 2002 cadillac was searched to the point where they removed my dash board, seats, and wheels off my car. I was in the process of moving out of state and i had all my belongings in my car which were taken out of the car and put on the street. I dont do drugs nor did the police have any reason to believe that there were drugs in the car other than the fact that im a black man driving a cadillac

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The issue with the car dates back to a Criminal Procedure case many years ago. Without boring you, police stations are allowed to take "inventory," of the cars they impound.

Ostensibly it's because they don't want you accusing them of stealing anything out of it while in the yard, and this policy has been upheld by the Supreme Court - but in my opinion it doubles as an easy way to check for drugs.


An inventory search such as you describe will not provide a legal basis upon which to bring a civil rights suit against the government.

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