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How do I sue my landlord for harassment and discrimination?

Oklahoma City, OK |

On March 26, 2012, the new owner of where I am living accepted $200.00 for rent from me. It is my understanding that the intent of the contract of lease is there as he stated that the $200 is my monthly rent for use of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the privacy of my own room. The 1st wk was ok, but since then I have been made to feel as a prisoner, due to his constant harassing me telling me,"I can't have other boyfriends over and do "stuff" all over the house because you are here." On April 9, 2012 he served me a 5 day notice (noterized) and tried to tell me that the Oklahoma Court Clerks told him that to serve a 30 day notice he has to file a 5 day first. By his own admission on the notice I don't owe any money. He has told others he wants me to leave because I'm a woman and

because I am not gay/lesbian. He also informed them that he plans on building a wall so prevent me from using the bathroom, kitchen, and living room area. The people he has stated this to are willing to testify if need be. The original "intent" of contract was that I could stay indefinitely as long as I pay my rent. Due to all of the people he constantly having over, and the fact that one of them has gone into my bedroom and stolen from me, I had to place pad locks on both doors that lead to my bedroom. I have just started a new job and do not have the money to move right now. I am just not sure what course of action I can take against him to ensure that ceases the harassment and allots me the appropriate 30 day notice.

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Generally, an oral lease for a term as you describe, is at the pleasure of either party. It can be terminated. WAnting you to leave due to your gender probably violates state /local anti discrimination statutes. YOu probably should talk to a real estate / Pi type attorney.
Do you really want to stay there. Maybe to avoid discrimination suit, he will agree to move you,?

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