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How do I sue a defaming websites against students?

Strathmore, CA |

I went to this website, ‘ ‘, and the title was, ‘Obama Announces Plan to Forgive All Student Loans,’ and so I read it. I responded with, “God bless #Obama I owe almost $138,500 and working at 10 bucks an hour. I am barely holding on. My husband was an architectural designer for 22 years, and because of the recession; he is now back in college fulltime, because he cannot find fulltime work at the age of 49. I glad to hear he believes in second chances, because this is something I worry about every single day; ‘How will I pay it all back?” After I posted my reply, some comments were saying it was a satire, so I looked on their front page. Some of it is true; in which if one keeps up with the news; ..........

he/she will know some news they post is true, while others are clearly satire. I believe something as sensitive as the issues of student loans in America is nothing to joke about. This website has hurt me deeply, and when I found out that might be a satire; I had a panic attack, because this is something I very much worry about daily. I want to possibly sue them, or get them to take this down, because obviously over 200,000 just on Facebook liked this and believes in this. Please tell me how I can stop them from defaming the United States Government which includes President Obama, and the Department of Education; alongside the students as myself are suffering in these economic times. Thank you.

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I'm sorry, but you're not in a position to claim defamation against the government, only the defamed party can do that.

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Hello, and thank you for contacting me so fast. So is there anything I can do as a person who believed this story and it made me so upset I had a panic attack; when I found out it was a lie?


Satire is a protected form of speech and one that has played a significant and critical role in the history of our country. You have no legal claim here. If you had keeled over and died from upset at what you read, you would still have no claim against the publisher.

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Thank you very much for the answer. I appreciate your help.




You should learn a little more about our laws while you are in school, and get your news from somewhere other than facebook. There is no case here.


I'm sure many of us have said far worse things than that about the Obama administration. Thank God for Obama? Thank God for the First Amendment.

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