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How do I sue, or can I sue a car wash were the owner assured me he would pay for the damages! After Showing coast?

Pompano Beach, FL |

I have been going there since Aug. and no worries ever, until February 24! The piece to my running board on the f-150 was ripped off the back on the drivers side! Any. Suggestions???

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Keep all your receipts from the car wash date that damaged your truck, as well as keeping any documentation regarding conversations with employees/owners of the car wash where they stated they would pay for the vehicle. Get an estimate for the repair, and send a written demand by certified letter requesting they pay that amount within 7 days. If they do not, sue them in small claims court in the county in which they are located. You can find small claims court (sometimes called Magistrate Court) information online by Googling it, and many of the linked sites will also have guides and tips for presenting your case. It is very informal and you don't need a lawyer there (though you could hire one, but it would cost more than the repairs). Good luck

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If they won't pay estimate, small claims court.

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File in small claims court if they're not cooperating with you on repairs.

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