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How do I stop my wife from opening up credit cards in my name without my consent?

Maryland |

Since we have been married for over 15 years, she will get into these moods and open up a credit card with my SS number. I believe she thinks that she will not use it, and then the next thing I know I'm getting a phone call that it is maxed out. Right after my father died she must have went to his mailbox and one of his renewal cards came in the mail and she used up to 5,000 dollars. I thought she was doing better but it started all over again late last year. I tried taking her to CCA but she fought that. I know she has a problem but in turn it is killing me and the family. How can I block her from doing this? Any type of advice will be helpful. Thank you

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I'll answer your question as though it were not your wife but a stranger. If it were a stranger, you would go to the police and have criminal charges filed.

I suggest you buy a subscription to one or more of the credit reporting agencies. They will advise you by email when something has happened on your credit. That will alert you in the beginning and you can put a stop to it right away.

That won't solve your primary problem - If you and your wife are together and you are unwilling to charge her with a crime, you have a much larger problem that is beyond what I can provide here.

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