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How do I stop harassment from someone that's in a different country?

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I have a former friend in Australia that claims I owe her way more money than I actually do.
Even though I've told her several times that I'll pay her back when I can, she continues to email, text, and facebook me about me paying her back. I know that after I pay her what I do owe her, she won't be satisfied and will continue to harass me for the rest. What can I do to prevent this from happening? I've blocked her from contacting me but somehow she manages to find ways.
Any suggestions?

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First, US laws don't apply to someone in another country. Second, she isn't a "Debt Collection Agency" since she is the one to whom you owe the money, so the debt collection laws don't apply. Third, what do you mean that she will "continue to harass [you] for the rest" even after you, "pay her what [you] owe her"? If you paid her off, how is it that she is owed even more?

Frankly, there probably isn't much you can do - you could try to get a restraining order, but it cannot be enforced on the other side of the planet - the cops Down Under aren't going to enforce it.

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She is saying I owe more than I actually do. So When I pay the amount that I do owe, she's not going to be happy that it's not the amount she's asking for and will continue to try and get that from me.

Jason Wade Barnette

Jason Wade Barnette


Not to be flip, but are you blaming her for trying to collect? Pay her what you can and perhaps she will lighten up.

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