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How Do I Stop a Fulfilled Wage Deduction Order?

Frankfort, IL |

I have a deduction order placed on me by a former roommate, pro-se. The judgement amount plus a significant additional amount (~ 30%) has already been deducted from my payroll. My employer/the Respondent has not received balance updates nor communication that the order has been satisfied from the Plaintiff (judgement was on 8/20/12, it is now 4/8/13). What is the best way to stop this order? Contact the Plaintiff? File a complaint or motion? Thanks in advance.

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If contacting the plaintiff doesn't work, you might need to file a motion asking the court for relief.

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Thank you Tara. I contacted the plaintiff via CMRRR asking 1) to inform my employer that the order is satisfied and 2) to return any overpayment. He has notified my employer, and the deductions have stopped. What is the best way to go about recouping the overpayment? A CMRRR requesting the exact amount under threat of legal action, then taking it to the courts? Or is there another way to resolve it?

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