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How do i stop a break and entry order that the plaintiff won in arbitration because i could not attend

Philadelphia, PA |

I am a contractor we went to regular court and the judge ruled in my favor but she went to civil arbitration and i was to sick to attend now she has this break and entry order that everyone is saying there is no way to stop even though she is wrong because the order is over a six months old

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You are going to have to be more specific in your question. In my experience, break and enter orders relate to post-judgment executions. A break and enter order is requested in those instances where a judgment was obtained, the defendant refused to pay, and the plaintiff believes that the defendant has property that could be auctioned off at a sheriff's sale. The order allows the sheriff to "break and enter" into the defendant's property for purposes of indexing the personal property belonging to the defendant. This type of order is only significant where the defendant actually has property of value located at the premises being entered.

I'm confused because I don't see how that order could possibly relate to an award at arbitration, which would not be post-judgment. Please clarify your question.