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How do i stop a "collector" from calling me at work?

Hardinsburg, KY |

A "Collector/Attorney" at phone # 916-236-4575 is calling me 6 times a day at work asking if i have my attorney available, he is foreign and i can barely understand him, he is very rude, says i have committed check fraud at some place called Check Connection. I found online ( where several other people has complained of this same company and they had no idea who or why they were being called. this is very upsetting to me and i just want it to stop. What are my rights? Do i call the police? I hate to get an attorney to call them considering how expensive it would probably be, but i just lost my mom and this is not helping. thanks for your help. stephanie

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You should report this activity to your state attorney general's office and the state licensing agency. Normal collection agencies are allowed to call once a week at work unless you tell them not to call you at work.
You will need to consult with a consumer protection lawyer locally.

1. Start keeping a detailed log of all calls and letters. You should also demand in writing all communications from creditors is in writing.

2. Do not give them any personal information because that is how collectors decide on which accounts to recommend suing.

3. If you are going to make payments use money orders and not personal checks or “check by phone” because if they find a bank account the collector will be more likely recommend a lawsuit the their legal department.

4. All collections are negotiable.
If you are going to settle mark the check “settled-in-full” at the very top back of the check and include a letter explaining you are offering a settlement, keep copies of everything

5. Get written confirmation of any payment plan the agency will accept.

I do not practice in your state and you will need to consult with a local lawyer for protection under your state law.

I have pasted a link to the FDPCA to help you with your federal rights;

I hope this information and generic advice is helpful.

Good Luck

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