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How do I solve a problem with contractor who is not completing the work

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The kitchen renovation was assigned to a contractor for 10,000 to be paid at interval upon completion of renovation at diff stages. 7,500 has been paid so far. WOrk was suppose to end in 3 weeks but it is already over 2 months and the contractor does not come to complete the work . When I make a fuss, someone is sent once a week for 3 hours .

How do I resolve it and get my work finished

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See my answer to your other question.

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This is a contract question, not an employment question. But I recommend that you notify them that you are hiring someone else to finish the job, and intend to sue them for any extra money it costs you over $10,000.00. Once you send the letter, do not let them come back to work anymore.


The answer will depend in large part on your contract. Was it in writing? Termination provisions? Assuming no written contract (or ambiguous language) you could terminate (or at least put them on notice that you will) and seek cost of completion by another contractor.

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1) Read your contract and see what it says about disputes. Follow that procedure. You may need to send default notices, notices to cure or something else. 2) Notify the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. They regulate licenses for home improvement contractors in NYC (including Flushing) and have a bit more "teeth" than other consumer affairs agencies in NY. 3) Contact a New York construction lawyer to discuss your situation. 4) if all else fails bring a claim in small claims court in NYC. Your limit is $5,000 but you can represent yourself and will need 2 written estimates from other contractors showing the costs to complete and/or remedy the work.

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