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How do I sign up for the DDP in NYC?

New York, NY |

I am a NJ Resident with a NJ license.

I was caught drinking and driving in NYC. I plea-bargained to a violation which carried a $300 fine, a 90-day suspension of my NY driving privileges, and a requirement to complete the DDP. I am having a hard time figuring out how to sign up for this. Any recommendations?

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Your attorney should have assisted you with this. If not, the court should give you a list of DDP sites in New York. Most New York counties have at least one (1) site where the DDP is offered.

As a NJ driver, only your NY privilege to drive is suspended (for 90 days). If you begin your suspension immediately and do not seek a Conditional License to allow you to drive in New York for the 90 days, the DDP is not required. You can sit out your suspension by simply NOT DRIVING in New York for 90 days. As the 90 day period comes to a close, you must re-apply for your New York privilege. This involves paying a suspension lift fee to the NY DMV and completing some paperwork.

Check the NY DMV website, as you will find all this information and more there.

Best of luck.

Christopher I. Simser, Sr.
Anelli Xavier
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The Department of Motor Vehicles should send you a letter of eligibility in the mail. Upon receiving the notice you can print out an application off their website and bring it to a DMV office to be filed. If you do not receive the letter with 18 days after your sentencing. You are to contact the DMV by phone to determine your eligibility.


Go to any NYS DMV or call your lawyer for guidance.