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How do i sign temporary custody of my children to my mother if i am unable to take care of them right now?

Fresno, CA |

i am unable to take care of my kids and would like to sign temporary custody of my children to my mother while i get my self stable. How do i do that?

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Your Mother would need to have a guardianship over your children, but their father would have to agree. Unfortunately, your question does not provide enough details for a full answer. I suggest you meet with an attorney in your area as soon as posisible to go over your situation. Good luck to you!


Keep in mind that "temporary" family law orders are rarely that. Any situation where you grant custody over to the other parent, even if only temporarily, is going to be difficult to undo in the future. The longer the children are with their mother, the harder it will be for you to gain increased custody later as the courts typically do not wish to change the status quo.

I HIGHLY recommend that you go speak with a competent and compassionate family law attorney in your area. Custody matters are difficult and one mis-step could set the custody schedule for the rest of the childdrens youth.


Give us a call and come in for a consultation. We can take care of this in a way that will aid in your getting them back when you are ready.

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You would have your mother file for a temporary Guardianship and sign the requisite consent forms. You can go on-line and get the forms for the Guardianship on line at the Fresno County Superior Court' s website. You will also need the guardianship questionaire for your mom to fill out and submit with the REquest for Temporaty Guardianship. Fresno will generally want your mom to file a Petition for Permanent Guardianship since in Fresno the temporary guardianship only lasts a month or two.

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