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How do i sign off parental rights on a child in the state of michigan? I have not been involved in childs life at all and do not

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You cannot just "sign off" on your parental rights in Michigan. A court will only accept a voluntary termination of parental rights if it is in the best interests of the child. This typically only occurs in the context of a child protective proceeding where it is likely that a parent's rights will be involuntarily terminated anyway. Alternatively, you may have your rights terminated as a part of a stepparent adoption if the child's mother ever marries a man willing to take legal and financial responsibility for your child.

If you did not receive proper notice of the paternity hearing in Montcalm, you may be able to get the Oder of Filiation set aside. However, this will only delay the inevitable if you are the actual biological father.

P.S. The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that a parent still has the obligation to pay child support even if his or her parental rights are terminated.

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Ezra N. Goldman

Ezra N. Goldman


It is what Christine said -- if you think signing off is going to save you money, you are mistaken. There is really no advantage to this attempt to sign off.

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