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How do I sign my rights over to my Childs mother

Honolulu, HI |

I want to sign over my rights to my kids mothers because my kids mother causes to much drama and also threatens me that shell send someone on me

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You cannot sign your parental rights away to the mother. The reason is that, along with the rights come the responsabilities of support and courts want to ensure that if mom cant pay for her child so the county must pay, then the county has a father they can go after (which they would not be able to do if they allowed fathers to sign away their rights and rsponsibilities.) SO see an attorney and try to get custody or reduce support..


You cannot "sign over" your children in any state. The state may allow you to voluntarily surrender your parental rights IF there is someone ready to adopt, such as a step-father. Otherwise, if the children's mother is causing too much "drama" and making threats, you should consider making a application to the court for full custody based upon the alienating situation she is creating. You should consult with a local attorney.

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