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How do I set up "estate" account for deceased father who had no will and no need for probate?

Allison Park, PA |

Dad passed away in PA, April 2009. He had no will, no assets. He does have some pension checks that were never cashed. When I contacted his company they said to send them details of his "estate" account. When I contact the bank they said they needed death certificate and copy of Short Certificate that I'm appointed Executor in order to set up an estate account. Is this correct? Do I have to contact & pay an attorney for this? What else do I need to do? I believe the outstanding checks total less than $1000, which we will use to pay some outstanding medical bills for him. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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There is a provision in the Pennsylvania Estate and Fiduciary Code that permits you to do a "sshort cut" method to settle a small estate. Acourt order will have to be issued twelling the Pension comapny to issue the checks to the next of kin.

However, you have to show the court that all inheritance taxes have been paid and that all of the decedents bills have been paid before they will issue the order to settle the small estate.

You will need a lawyer

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