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How do I seal my criminal background on my own in Texas? Where do I get the proper paperwork to fill out to send to the judge?

Houston, TX |
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Petitions for expunction or non-disclosure can be fairly complicated. Someone without legal training or experience will have a difficult time getting that done. Besides, I'm not sure that there are forms out there for the general public to use. You need to retain an attorney with experience in that area

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You file it in the same court. I would make sure you're eligible before you spend the money. Of course it's best to have an attorney do it to make sure it's done properly.

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It depends on the nature of the criminal background. If your were on deferred adjudication, you may be eligible to file a petition for non-disclosure. If the case was dismissed, you may be eligible for an expunction. If the case resulted in probation or a straight conviction and was above a Class C misdemeanor, you may not be able to seal or expunge it. I would contact an attorney in your for a consultation on your eligibility.