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How do I respond to a job application or employer about a Domes. Violence conviction I plead no contest to?

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One night my boyfriend started a verbal argument and was name calling and I threw a glass of water on his face, he threw buckets of water on me and then on my bed where our baby was sleeping on the heating pad that was plugged in and I jumped on his back to make him stop he then followed me to the bathroom and pulled my hair and thrashed me around the bathroom and I got bruises and a sprained toe and medical report after spending 3 days in jail. I wrote in my police report what he did but they still arrested me for throwing the can, Assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. I was protecting myself and he got a bloody nose and I don't know how he came out of the spare bathroom with one when he went in it was not bleeding & then called cops. How do I explain this for a job ap?

Also this is his second time he has actually gone head to head with a signifigant other, his ex wife 5 years ago was punched in the face. I had no idea and its possible his first wife too, he knows a ton on expunging I have never even been in a relationship like this and the week before court he pummeled me again and I learned to walk away and lock my two kids up and sit in my car and stare into the window so he leaves them alone. He's also verbally abusive and I have him on tape saying he did what night infact touch me like stated in the report and I have the pummeling recorded as it was happening, and I have him on tape calling me a murderer because my husband died after we left the military and he was ran over by a car and he said it was my fault. They said because they dropped the felony if we took it to trial I might get hte felony back so I had to plea and we were not able to use the tape.

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Providing false information on a job application is grounds for dismissal, even years later and would disqualify you from unemployment benefits. If asked, you must disclose. Minimimze the event. You were in an abusive relationship and you chose not to fight the charge because you needed to care for your children. Or whatever facts are true. DON'T provide all of these details to establish what a bad person your boyfriend was. That's the best you can do.

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Do you think that any of these are good to utilize? I don't want to be disqualified for having children or having them think I will have to call in etc...1- I was in an abusive relationship, found myself in an awful situation and while defending myself, which I take responsibility for, I got a misdemeanor. However, I have gone through community service and classes and feel much more confident in my decisions in the future. 2- One offense, to discuss at interview.


A no contest plea still results in a criminal conviction. If an application asks for convictions you are obligated to report it; failure to do so, if discovered, can result in termination. You might want to look into the possibility of whether you might be eligible to have the conviction expunged from your public record.


If the application and/or employer asks you to disclose criminal convictions, then you will have to disclose your battery/domestic violence conviction on the application and/or to your employer. The factual scenario is not important, unless the application or employer asks for an explanation. In Nevada, if you pled no contest, the judge most likely adjudicated you guilty of the offense. You cannot have a criminal conviction expunged in Nevada. Rather, you may be able to go through the process of having your record sealed. Once a record of a criminal conviction is sealed, you may truthfully say that you have never been arrested for the offense. For further information on record sealing in Nevada, please visit

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