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How do i request My DUI blood test to be retested by a diagnostic Lab paid by me. And what inconsistency do i look for, (time,ec

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On 1:10 am. I blew .126 in the mobil road unit. At the station I requested the blood test instead of main breathalizer.. On 4:10 am. my blood was taken from a Med tech at the Main station. After chugging water,peeing, sweating,vomiting up water,and chugging more, My bloodtest came back next day at .10 .After 3 hours of full burning. This seems impossible. What do I have the lab look for when retesting my sample. What kind of things can get the case dismissed?

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The chugging water, peeing, sweating, vomitting up water won't really affect your blood alcohol level - only the passage of time will do so. And it certainly is abnormal to only have the blood alcohol level drop that much in 3 hours. However, there are many factors that can contribute to this. As for as having the blood retested, the way that is done in CA is by preparing an order the judge signs, and then the blood goes to the independent lab. I can't imagine doing such a thing without an attorney. You should call a couple of local DUI attorneys and explain your entire situation to them, and then consider hiring the best one you can afford. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen

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