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How do I report my lawyer to the California bar for unethical conduct?

Riverside, CA |

My lawyer failed to disclose to me before (or during) my case that he had previously had a sexual relationship with my current live-in girlfriend. Then during him acting as my lawyer he and my girlfriend started their sexual encounters again. He decided to file a motion with the court to withdraw as my councel based on from what he stated as my unwillingness to communicate with him. This is not the case and I have proof that it was him who was not communicating with me. Him wanting to withdraw from my case happened when he asked my girlfriend to leave me and move in with him (which she rejected). I found all this out when I told her that he was withdrawing from my case. This is really going to hurt me as I have an upcoming family law hearing no lawyer and not enough money to retain new councel.

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You can report it by contacting the state bar at

However, under your scenario I am not sure if it is actually an ethical lapse or not since your girlfriend was not a client and the lawyer moved to withdraw from the case as soon as your attorney client relationship broke down. That's not to say the lawyer is not a cad. If you lose your case, you may have a malpractice claim as well.