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How do i report my landlord for an unsafe home the he does not keep up with?

Los Angeles, CA |

i found evidence of rats and several openings which were very unsafe for my 1 and a half year old to live in. i pay rent and expect my landlord to keep up with his responsiblities. there are leaks from the roof whrn it rains a i need pliers to turn my shower on!! when i found the rats i had to leave to my moms house when i had paid my months rent .

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Conditions that make the place uninhabitable can be reported to the building department or the health department in your county. The link below had some helpful information.

Stephanie White
Simi Valley, CA

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Dear tenant,

The landlord is responsible to repair "all dilapidations" of the premises, including repairing leaks and exterminating rates. You are in Los Angeles. Therefore, put in a call to the Los Angeles Housing Department, at 866-557-RENT. Ask for a Code Enforcement Inspector to come out, and he (or she) will order your landlord to make the necessary repairs. Anyone not in L.A. proper but in L.A. County should call the Los Angeles County Health Department and report the conditions. Like the inspectors in the Housing Department, the inspectors in the Health Department also have authority to issue Orders to Comply. The links are below.


Fran Campbell