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How do I report a slumlord and what are my rights?

Philadelphia, PA |

I Moved to a new home on 6/26/2009. I paid the extra money for a earlier move in date. I seen the house while there was no electric and the I loved the house. I gave my 3 mos deposit .. It is now 8/5/09 and rent is due again but the management company responsible for the property havent fixed any off my complaints.. There is mold growing in the half bath, The electric wiring in the back bedroom doesn"t work and sparks when you hit the light switch(which is a major hazard) and the electrical outlets thru out the house is problematic.. I have been calling for weeks now and getting the run around is there away to report this or get out my lease?? I am really hesitant about paying the rent but I have nowhere to up and move yet. Is this a situation to take to court?

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Yes. You can most definitely take this case to court. What you first have to do is put the money that you otherwise would pay the landlord in rent into a separate bank account. So go to a local bank, take you august rent and deposit it into what is called an escrow account. Do the same for September. You need to hold on to and save that money to show a Court that you aren't a deadbeat and that you can pay. This shows a Court that your concerns about the living conditions is legitimate. I would then write the landlord and explain that you have put rent money in escrow and will be taking legal action if your concerns are not rectified.

If you need any extra advice or help in getting the letter done/going to court, please contact me offices: (610) 566-1006. Ask for Daniel Pallen.



also allows you to view existing slumlords in your neighborhood or report a slumlord