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How do i report a person violating their probation anonymously?

Baltimore, MD |

About two weeks ago I run into a ex boyfriend from college. To make a long story short we decided to go out upon going out he told be that he was on probation for drugs. While out he admitted to me that he still sales drug (weed) and use them. He also ask me did I want to smoke I decline and he then smoked weed in front of me. After this took place I left, now he texts and calls every other day even though I've asked him to stop. The harassment is starting to take a toll on my daily life. So I would like to know how can I report him anonymously?

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Frankly, your anonymously reporting this ex-boyfriend for drug use is not the answer to your concern about his harassing you with text messages. If he is on probation and using drugs, I surmise he is subject to random urinalysis and will be found out by his probation agent. My advice would be to ignore his texts in the short term and hope that they cease. There are laws against electronic mail/text harassment, and you retain the prerogative to visit a court commissioner to swear out charges, provided you've previously informed your ex to cease and desist that behavior. Good luck!

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Nothing would come from an anonymous report. If that were possible, then all of us would be in jail everytime we piss off another person. The Constitution requires that anyone who is accused have the opporunity to confront and cross-examine his accusers. That is the law.

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