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How do i remove the arrears on an existing child support order? How about if the mother does not live with the child?

San Diego, CA |

I am the NCP and I owe about 42,000 in child support and arrears. I want to know how to lower or remove my arrears. How about if the child lives with her grandparents and not the mother? What are my options?

Also, if the she hasnt lived with her mother how does that affect the support order? Can I get the support modified so the interest will stop? I am unable to cough up 40000 dollars as this is preventing me in getting a passport. There is a wage garnishment where they are taking 441 every month with 100 dollars of that going to arrears and I am not even making a dent of what I owe. Please advise.

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You pretty much can't "remove" an arrearage, or stop interest on it, except by paying it. If the child is still a minor, and not living with Mom, you may be able to get the CURRENT amount of support modified, but that does change what you already owe.