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How do i remove restraining order?

Lynnwood, WA |

I have a restraining order on me & forced supervised visits. The supervisor documented a statement that my son said on a visit, saying that his father had been following me in his car. My attorney dropped mine & other of her clients due to a death in her family. On the day of notice, my ex made 2 calls to the police, and made reports agains me twice every week up until my trial date in my divorce. It wasnt until after the trial that my son made his statement. I also believe that my ex (mechanic) has tampered w/ my car as he made a duplicate key but dont know how to prove it esp to the police since I already been accused by them of his allegations. How do i protect myself if the police dont believe me. My car broke down and my breaks went out, both times I have been lucky to be alive.

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You can file a motion to vacate the order if the circumstances have substantially changed.

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You should probably also set up a private consultation with an attorney as it sounds like there is a lot going on in your case.

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