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How do I remove an eviction off my credit report if I wasn't actually evicted?

Eugene, OR |

i leased my first apartment when i was 18 (5yrs ago) & when i went to move out i sent the manager a letter asking if i could use my deposit as my last months rent. while waiting for a response i recieved an eviction notice. i went down to my manager cleared it up & sent them the rent in full that day. i cleaned the apt, moved out, and even got my deposit back! now 4yrs later i want to move into a beautiful apt & they declined me due to that eviction notice! that i didnt even know was still on my credit report! i assumed because things were fixed it was removed & i was very mistaken! how do i fix this & fast so i can still get my aptartment?

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I am not admitted to practice in Oregon and the general answers below may be different in your state. Consult with a local lawyer for answers under your state's laws.

You may have a remedy under federal law but it probably will not get the entry removed quickly. Ask the landlord at the new apartment you would like to rent if he would be willing to call your former landlord and have your former landlord confirm that you were not evicted.

For the long term: Credit Reporting Agencies (credit bureaus) and the companies that report information to them are governed by the Federal Credit Reporting Act.

You have various rights under the Act, including the right to demand that incorrect information be removed from the credit report. To start that process, you must sent a letter to the credit bureau challenging the incorrect information. Be sure to send the letter certified mail, return receipt requested and keep a copy of the letter for yourself.