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How do i regain custody `

Union City, NJ |

my sons father went to court and obtained emergency custody of my son by telling the judge he didnt know where i was which is provably false.

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This is going to be very complicated and you really need to work with a lawyer on this before the situation gets more out of hand.


There seems to be missing information here. I have an office in North Bergen and am familiar with moat of the family judges in Hudson County. They do not transfer custody unless there is a great deal of evidence, and especially not by emergency. I agree you need a formal legal consultation before things get worse.


I agree with both of the attorneys who have responded. The Hudson Judges do not transfer custody without a good deal of proof. I strongly urge you to contact your attorney or perhaps one of the attorneys who have responded.

The previous information is solely for informational purposes only. If you have further questions, please contact an attorney in your area for more specific answers. Responding to your question in no way creates an attorney/client relationship, and none of the specific guarantees of privacy exist. If you have found this information helpful, kindly check the "helpful" box.


I also agree with the attorneys who have responded. If you would like a consultation, please contact my office. 201-880-9770.

Thank you.


Any such order would have been granted on an emergency basis and would be subject to re-evaluation when you appear. However, as has been said,

As has been previously said on topics of this level of importance .... some questions here can be quickly, easily, and accurately answered. Others cry out for getting a professional legal opinion and a formal consultation with an attorney who specializes in Family Law. You're in that second category. Get a consult - even if you don't think you'll be able to afford counsel, you'll get advice that's superior to what's available here.

IF YOU LIKE THIS ANSWER AND APPRECIATE THE TIME IT TOOK TO WRITE IT, PLEASE SELECT IT AS "BEST ANSWER." Thanks. The above is said without seeing your case file and without my understanding the entirety of the facts of your case. Depending on those facts, the above information be may incomplete or may be completely inaccurate. The above is intended as general information only based on what you described and not as legal advice. I advise you to consult with counsel who may be able to provide better information commensurate with a better understanding of your situation.

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