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How do I recover damages after sustaining a personal injury due to landlord's failure to maintain gardening/landscaping?

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My rental agreement with my landlord specifies that he is responsible for maintaining the gardening and landscape for the house I rent. In the past two months, he has been by only twice to perform these duties. My front walkway and porch are littered with fallen leaves which he is responsible for removing. I slipped on the dried leaves and fell chin first into the yard's chain link fence and metal posts cutting open my chin and sustaining neck and back injuries as well as contusions to my knees, hands and wrists. As a result I missed 3.5 days of work and continue to suffer from neck and back pain. What is my best recourse for recovering damages outside of hiring a personal injury attorney?

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Tell your landlord. His insurance may cover your medical bills and lost wages. But sometimes liability insurers will do everything possible to take advantage of people without an attorney.

I would definitely at least speak to a personal injury attorney who could help you decide if your landlord is liable and what kind of damages you could get if you brought an action.


Find a personal injury lawyer in your area. Bring along with you any photographs of the site where you were injured, list of medical facility that treated you, and proof of lost wages. Lawyers are more experienced than laypersons in getting full value for the case. Insurance carriers would be happy to chat with you and try to resolve the case for a minimal amount of money. See an attorney for a free consultation.

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Retain an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. Take pictures of the dangerous condition. There may be issues of comparative fault since you knew there were leaves on the ground.

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um ... you are not sweeping up leaves because it is the landlords contractual duty? it seems to me that is negligent on your part. you will definitely face that charge in a defense against your pi suit and a cross claim against a Third party suit

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A local personal injury lawyer can make a claim with the general liability policy.

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